What makes us different

The main reason why our clients choose to work with us is that they simply want an expert, certified translation office that they can depend on.

We have 20 years of experience providing certified translation services to major companies, governmental institutions, and individuals. Translators with experience, professionalism, and high quality transfer the spirit and content of the original text quickly and efficiently at competitive prices.

why us

How are we different from other service providers?

During the twenty years since Classic Certified Translation has been in business, our professional translators have acquired extensive experience in translating thousands of files covering medical, legal, technical, general, academic, literary, and other fields.

Further, we strive to continually improve our translation performance by keeping up with new trends in technology and new terms appearing in all fields with the emergence of technology and information, all while maintaining the highest level of standards of quality that adds real value to the final product of your project.

why us?

Why do always customers choose Classic Certified Translation?

Our services are distinguished by real advantages, which make us preferred from others

1Professional translators

In addition to their academic expertise, our translators have gained extensive experience by working on hundreds of files of our clients.

2Capable of handling any project submitted by our clients

We are committed to meeting their needs and understanding their requirements. Due to these reasons, we render to our clients’ distinctive services that cannot be matched, as we are able to:

  • Complete your tasks more quickly if required, without compromising quality.
  • Format and output files in accordance with your work.
  • Competitive and affordable rates.

3Professional language services

Our professional language services include:

  • Translations of general and specialized content.
  • Reviewing.
  • Editing.
  • Proofreading.

4Confidentiality of Information

Keeping your documents confidential is of the highest importance to Classic Certified Translation Office.